In two words, experience and skill.

These days it seems as if anyone with a digital camera or a smartphone calls themselves a photographer. While it is true that modern consumer digital cameras have come a long way in producing acceptable images, nothing can beat professional grade equipment in the hands of a commercial photographer with talent, creativity and years of experience. A digital camera is simply a tool. And just as handing a novice a chisel won't make them into an accomplished sculptor, handing an engineer (or a receptionist, or a salesperson) a $700 digital camera, won't make them a photographer, no matter how smart or well-meaning they may be.

I've been a free-lance commercial photographer since the 1980's and made the move to digital capture in 1996. I feel that my skills as a photographer only continue to grow and mature as time has passed. I have great confidence in my ability to work quickly and efficiently yet remain focused on composition and attention to detail. Like any young and somewhat naive kid starting out, I made mistakes in the beginning of my career. The nice thing about time is that it teaches many lessons, and I've certainly learned how to anticipate potential issues and organize a shoot so that it runs smoothly and without incident.

I've been working in Photoshop since 2.0…not CS 2, but Photoshop ver 2.0 which was released in 1991. I believe my skills in compositing and retouching to be excellent should you have the need for that service. In any event I process my own raw files, and deliver high resolution file formats optimized for web, print, large format output, or cross-platform use.