soldier battlefield.jpg

Sometimes it's all in the post production

While archiving images the other day I came across this image I shot a couple of years ago at my client's place of business in a very large meeting room converted to a studio for the day. My job was to shoot one of their employees dressed as a soldier in the studio setting. That photograph was then going to be combined with a background the creative department had found online. I had the opportunity to plan out beforehand how I was going to light this and process the raw image in post having already seen the stock background they picked. I knew it was going to be dark and moody, and towards the blue end of the spectrum so I lit it accordingly and in post pushed the raw image towards the cooler side so it felt to the viewer as if the soldier was in that environment. I think the creative department did a great job of meshing my image with the stock background they found, and the display component circling the soldier's head.